It is my honored to be President of Morang Sunsari Welfare Society. I have been elected as President of this pride organization on early October 2017 and I have got an enthusiastic team working globally. The movement of MOSU is became a global campaign for humanitarian work, personality development, entrepreneurships development and youth empowerment. I was so privileged working with this organization since I was General Member of MOSU Qatar and that helps me to gradually working   in several senior positions of this organization. I have seen the better future of this organization which can be a trade mark in name of social work, entrepreneurship and personality development.

Today this organization binding with friends, relatives and well-wisher of Morang and Sunsari district globally. A motto to institutionalize of this organization was to unite all permanent residents of Morang and Sunsari district globally for establishment of prosperous society. The objective can be fulfilled by working jointly in several sector such as humanitarian works, support to education, entrepreneurship development, personality development and public awareness. I strongly believe that this can be enhanced when we work jointly with local government, local profit & non-profit organization, non-government organization locally and internationally.  

Our friends, relatives and well-wishers are reached to several countries for better opportunities. We know they always carry the sentiment and pride of motherland with them wherever they reach. They learn skills, technology, and earn prosperity. MOSu’s belief is that if we can gather them and transfer it to motherland that helps to establish prosperous society. We would be delighted working closely with them to be a bridge for bringing them to home for prosperity of the motherland.

I and my team strongly emphasize MOSU to be sustainable and social responsible organization.  As our branch committees are established in various countries and we believe working closely with NRNA is one of the elements of our success. Our branch committees are commonly working with NRNA to fulfill social responsibility and I ask them to continue it. The central committee is continuously working in conjunction with Local Government, Local profit & nonprofit organizations and humanitarian organizations to achieve its goal.  We highlight and request our friends to establish a branch committee in different countries as per our policy, regulations and guidelines, MOSU will continue to deliver our obligations and I expect full support from every one of you.


Ramnath Bhadari


Morang Sunsari Welfare Society